Ever walked into a room and felt... just wow?

Revitalize Your Home with Ceyise Studios: Crafting Sanctuaries, Not Just Spaces.

Our secret ingredient? A dash of neuroaesthetic interior design and a dollop of color psychology. The result? Spaces that don’t just dazzle your eyes but dance with your soul. Together, let’s craft a space that speaks to your heart and sparks your creativity.

Do you feel ...

disconnected and uninspired in your own home, craving a space that ​energizes and stimulates creativity?

overwhelmed by clutter and incoherent design, yearning for a serene and ​organized space that promotes peace and well-being?

Are you...

unsure how to infuse your unique style and personality into your living ​space?

Transform your space into a harmonious, and enriching environment. ​That not only reflects your unique lifestyle but also enhances your ​daily well-being.

Say GOODBYE to uninspired, chaotic living and HELLO to a home that truly feels like your ​own, with our ChromaElegant Residential E-Design services.

Our mission is to transform living and working spaces
​that captivate the eye and nourish the soul.

Founder, Chief Creative Officer, and principal Artist of Ceyise Studios. Dr. Stacey had been in the medical ​field for nearly 28 years and spent 10 of them as a surgeon helping change lives. After leaving surgery, ​Dr.Stacey turned to the vibrant world of colors, which has been her refuge from the emotional whirlpool of ​her alexithymia, the difficulty describing and defining one’s emotions. As an artist, certified color ​consultant, and e-designer, Dr.Stacey tapped into her ability to express emotions and share her story in ​ways that words just couldn’t capture.

“With each stroke of color, with each design envisioned, I found a way to ​bridge the chasm of emotions, not just for myself but for others who find ​it hard to articulate their feelings.”

Today, Dr.Stacey is committed to revolutionizing art therapy, infusing it with a unique blend of ​contemporary art and neuroaesthetic design. With her medical expertise, Dr. Stacey leads Ceyise Studios ​into crafting art and spaces that not only mirror our clients’ identities but also foster their emotional and ​mental well-being, bridging the gap between traditional art therapy and innovative design.

Chroma Starter Package
Chroma Posh Package
Chroma Elite Package

Our Promise to You

Tailored Spaces designed exclusively for you, reflecting your unique ​taste and lifestyle.

Our commitment is to provide unwavering professionalism, ​meticulous attention to detail, and precision in every aspect of our ​design.

Enjoy straightforward transparent pricing with no hidden markups, ​ensuring you get the value you deserve.

Take advantage of a wide range of flexible sourcing options, giving ​you the freedom to choose how your vision comes to life.

Indulge in accessible luxury designs that fit within your budget, ​bringing an exclusive flair to your home.

Find Out What Others Have to Say About Their Experience

"Ceyise Studios transformed my condo into a breathtaking work of art with their expert color consultation. A truly luxurious experience!" -Frances Anderson

"I was pressed for time to revamp my living room, so I sought help from a design consultant. Working with Ceyise Studios was a delightful experience. Their passion, meticulousness, and awareness of the latest trends instilled a sense of assurance that my project was well-cared for." - Jill Castillo

"Thanks to Ceyise Studios, my Airbnb in Galveston looks fantastic. Their e-design service has brought a touch of sophistication to my vacation rental that guests can't stop raving about. Highly recommended!" - Morenike Olufemi

“Transforming my space with Ceyise Studios was a revelation. Dr. Stacey Denise personalized my home with a touch of luxury and elegance that resonates with my style. I'm in love with my new space; it's truly a posh sanctuary that reflects my personal journey." -Lena Diaz

Your Journey to a Tailored Space

Step One:

Initial Consultation: Schedule your ​complimentary consultation call to ​explore the package that aligns perfectly ​with your needs.

Step Two:

Select & Secure: Pick the perfect ​package, sign the agreement, and ​confirm your choice with a deposit.

Step three:

Personalized Session: Arrange your ​individualized consultation with Dr. Stacey.

Step Four:

Custom Creation Preview: Dr. Stacey will craft ​your custom artwork and share a digital ​preview for your approval.

Step Five:

Finalization & Delivery: Once you're happy ​with the design and complete the payment ​and delivery details, we will craft and send ​your exclusive piece directly to you.

Step Six:

Final Design Review: Conclude your ​design journey with a final call to review ​and discuss the completed design, ​ensuring every detail resonates with your ​vision.

Ready to Transform
​Your Space?

Book Your Consultation Now and Start Your
Journey ​to a Stunning Space!
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Basic Package:
Chroma Starter

Chroma Starter Package

Essential Euphoria Experience

Begin your journey to a space that harmonizes form and function, fostering a sense of renewal each day.

Price: $1,297

Standard Package:
Chroma Posh

Chroma Posh Package
Sumptuous Sanctuary Experience

Immerse yourself in a world where style meets serene comfort, crafting spaces that cater to every aspect of your well-being.

Price: $1,997

Signature Package:
Chroma Elite

Chroma Elite Package
Inspired Harmonious Retreat Experience

Immerse yourself in a world where style meets serene comfort, crafting spaces that cater to every aspect of your well-being.

Price: $3,697

Special Bonus

Chroma Starter

1-High-Tier Open Edition Art Metallic Canvas Print from Ceyise Studios Fine Art Catalog (VALUE $597)

Chroma Posh

1-Selected Limited Edition Art Metal Print with 1/8-in Acrylic Facemount Print from a Ceyise Studios Fine Art Catalog 1-18 x 18-inch EcoTote Bag with Selected Artwork (VALUE $799)

Chroma Elite

1-Bespoke Custom Art Piece 16 x 20 inch size Metallic Canvas Print 1-18 x 18-inch EcoTote Bag of Custom Artwork 2-Throw Pillows of Custom Artwork (VALUE $2997)

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