Crafting Spaces That Speak to You

Embrace the Essence of You: Art Commission Consultations at Ceyise Studios

Enhance your space with custom artwork, blending artistic expertise with your personal vision to create unique, captivating pieces.

Tired of art that just doesn't get you?

Step right into Ceyise Studios, where every brushstroke and color choice is a deep dive into the world of contemporary new media art, fine art advisory, and vibrant color consultancy.

Felt Like Something’s Missing?

STARING at your walls, wondering why the art doesn’t spark joy? We’ve got you covered. Dreaming of a space wrapping you in comfort and inspiration daily? Say no more. HUNTING for that elusive, heart-stirring piece that’s just SO YOU? Look no further.
At Ceyise Studios, we don’t just make art. We forge emotional connections, crafting unique pieces that tell your story, reflect your journey, and fit seamlessly into the tapestry of your life. Let’s turn your space into a canvas that sings your song.

Your masterpiece awaits.

It’s time to transform your living space with art that’s as unique as YOUR FINGERPRINT – art that elevates, comforts, and inspires, every single day.

Did you know that art helps people feel more in control of
​their own lives and can help relieve anxiety and depression?

At Ceyise Studios, we’re not just artists; we’re alchemists, blending color psychology and neuroaesthetic insights to create experiences that transcend the ordinary.

At Ceyise Studios Our mission

At Ceyise Studios our mission is to infuse living and working spaces with art
that not only captivates the eye but also nourishes the soul.

Founder, Chief Creative Officer, and principal Artist of Ceyise Studios. Dr. Stacey is a former pediatric surgeon turned art and color visionary at Ceyise Studios. Her journey into art began as a refuge from alexithymia, transforming her struggle with emotional expression into a powerful medium for connection and healing. Now, she blends her medical background with her passion for color and design, creating unique art commissions that are more than mere decoration—they’re a profound expression of the soul, tailored to enhance and reflect the individual stories and spaces of her clients.
“With each stroke of color, with each design envisioned, I found a way to ​bridge the chasm of emotions, not just for myself but for others who find ​it hard to articulate their feelings.”
Looking for something that commemorates, celebrates, and resonates? Our art commission packages are tailored to encapsulate life’s precious moments, offering you artwork that’s not just seen but felt.
Chroma Begin Package: A starter symphony in hues.
Chroma Essence Package: Dive deeper into the emotional spectrum.
Chroma Lush Package: The ultimate in personalized luxury art.

Our Promise to You

Tailored, exclusive artwork that mirrors your essence, executed with unmatched precision and care.

Experience transparent, straightforward pricing and flexible payment options that ensure the art you love is within reach.

Hear From Our Happy Patrons

Sabrina Golden-Jones raves, 'Ceyise Studios surpassed all expectations... truly captured my vision.'

Veronica Ceaser exclaims, 'Blown away by the vibrant colors... a real standout piece!'

Crystal Stewart shares, 'Seeing my emotions on canvas was an amazing experience.'

Morenike Olufemi gushes, 'The custom color open edition print from Ceyise Studios is a marvel! Dr. Stacey's color mastery transformed it into a piece that perfectly vibes with my space!'

A Journey Tailored Just for You

Step One

Dive into a our consultation call to unearth the perfect package for you.

Step Two

Secure your choice and embark on a creative adventure.

Step three

Delve into a personalized session, where your vision begins to take shape.

Step Four:

Preview your custom creation and fine-tune to perfection.

Step Five:

Finalize and await the arrival of your exclusive masterpiece.

Transform Your Space Today

Book Your Consultation: Begin your journey to a space that’s not just seen, but felt. Where every piece tells a story – your story. Welcome to Ceyise Studios, where art is personal.
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Basic Package:
Chroma Begin

Chroma Begin Package

Creative Spark Experience

Start your journey with art that brings your vision to life in a burst of color.

Price: $997

Standard Package:
Chroma Essence

Chroma Essence Package
Curated Charm Experience

Transform your space with art that reflects your own style and story.

Price: $1,497

Signature Package:
Chroma Lush

Chroma Lush Package
Luxe Legacy Experience

Enter a world where art defines elegance and tells your story with grace.

Price: $2,197

Special Bonus

When you purchase your package during the consult call you will unlock a limited-time special BONUS included with the package you select, exclusively for early clients.

Chroma Begin

Artwork Up-scaling Option VIP Art and Design Appreciation Access Exclusive Studio Updates
(VALUED AT: $397)

Chroma Essence

Art Acquisition Guidance Exclusive First Look at New Collections VIP Art and Design Appreciation Facebook Group Access Exclusive Studio Updates
(VALUED AT: $697)

Chroma Lush

Art Acquisition Guidance Exclusive First Look at New Collections Interior Decor Advisory VIP Art and Design Appreciation Facebook Group Access Exclusive Studio Updates
(VALUED AT: $997)

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