Isn't it time your workspace did more than just exist?

Revitalize Your Commercial Space with Art That Inspires Creativity & Productivity

Ever felt like your workspace just… lacks that spark? You’re not alone. At Ceyise Studios, we’re on a mission to transform work environments into cradles of creativity and productivity, one art piece at a time. – Let’s bring your vision to life.

Facing Workspace Blues?

Here’s How We Turn the Tide:

The Dilemma

Your workspace feels more like a drab utility room than a fountain of innovation.

Our Solution

We introduce neuroaesthetically designed art that’s not just visually stunning but scientifically proven to enhance mental health and creativity.

Craving a workspace that reflects the DNA of your brand?

Wondering how to marry art with identity?

Say HELLO! to offices that surround you every day in an environment that is both harmonious and enriching. Designed to reflect your brand’s values while fostering daily well-being and productivity.

Ditch the boring and uninspiring workspaces. Welcome to a place that reflects your brand’s essence and lifts morale, with our ChromaElegant Commercial Art Program service.

Our Mission

Is to infuse your commercial spaces with art that mirrors your brand’s essence, sparking creativity and driving productivity.
Did you know studies have shown that well-designed spaces with art can significantly enhance mental health, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being in the workplace?
With Dr. Stacey Denise’s pioneering vision—a unique fusion of art, medicine, and design—each project becomes a journey towards redefining what a workspace can be.
Your Guide to a World of Color and Creativity
Imagine having a seasoned surgeon turned color maestro and art aficionado at the helm of your project.
That's Dr. Stacey for you.
“With each stroke of color, with each design envisioned, I found a way to bridge the chasm of emotions, not just for myself but for others who find it hard to articulate their feelings.
With an illustrious career in medicine providing a unique perspective on well-being, she now channels her passion into creating art that speaks volumes—both emotionally and aesthetically. Dr. Stacey’s journey from saving lives in the operating room to enriching them through art and design is the heart and soul of Ceyise Studios.
We design unique spaces to boost creativity and collaboration, ensuring a distinctive workplace that reflects your brand and inspires innovation.

Medical  & Wellness Facilities 

 Carefully curated artwork and palettes that promote healing, reduce stress, and create a soothing ambiance for patients and staff.

Hospitality Spaces

Immersive art installations and color designs that redefine luxury, celebrate local heritage, and create iconic, memorable guest experiences.

Corporate Offices

Bespoke art and color schemes that elevate your brand identity, inspire creativity, and enhance employee morale.

Our Promise to You

Unmatched Excellence

Bespoke Designs: Tailored to mirror your unique brand identity.

Professionalism and Precision: In every stroke and design decision.

Transparent Pricing: No surprises, just exceptional value.

Flexible Sourcing & Luxury Within Reach: We make the extraordinary accessible.

Take advantage of a wide range of flexible sourcing options, giving you the freedom to choose how your vision comes to life.


Your Brand’s Journey to a HARMONIOUS Art-Infused Space

Step One:

Comprehensive Brand Discovery Call Kick off your journey with a comprehensive, 60-minute consultation call. This is where we dive deep into understanding your brand's unique vision, specific needs, and explore how our bespoke art and color solutions can elevate your space to new heights.

Step Two:

Proposal and Agreement Based on our initial conversation, you'll receive a tailored proposal outlining our approach. Once agreed, we'll finalize the contract and details, including a vision board to ensure we're aligned on art concepts and color palettes.

Step three:

Space Understanding We conduct an on-site or virtual walkthrough to grasp the essence of your space. This ensures the proposed art and color schemes perfectly complement your environment.

Step Four:

Vision Confirmation Before proceeding to creation, we'll present a detailed vision board to confirm that our concepts and color palettes are in sync with your brand’s philosophy.

Step Five:

Creation and Review With the vision confirmed, we begin crafting your unique art pieces, keeping you informed and involved at key stages to ensure alignment.

Step Six:

Final Presentation and Installation Preparation Before the art installation, we'll schedule a final presentation to review the completed pieces and confirm everything is set for installation, ensuring your space is transformed as envisioned.

Ready to Transform
Your Work Space?

Book Your Consultation Now and Start Your Journey
to a Stunning Space!

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Basic Package:
ChromaCare Starter

Healthcare & Wellness Facilities
Basic Package: ChromaCare Starter
Price: $15,000

Standard Package:
ChromaCare Plus

Healthcare & Wellness Facilities
Standard Package: ChromaCare Plus - Comprehensive Healing Environment
Price: $30,000

Premium Package:
ChromaCare Elite

Healthcare & Wellness Facilities
Premium Package: ChromaCare Elite - Total Healing Experience Plus
Price: $65,000

Basic Package:
ChromaHospitality Starter

Hospitality Spaces
Beginning Package: ChromaHospitality Starter - Immersive Hospitality Experience Essentials
Price: $15,000

Standard Package:
ChromaHospitality Plus

Hospitality Spaces
Standard Package: ChromaHospitality Plus - Elevated Guest Experience Enhancement
Price: $30,000

Premium Package:
ChromaHospitality Elite

Hospitality Spaces
Premium Package: ChromaHospitality Elite - Luxury Hospitality Transformation Platinum
Price: $65,000

Basic Package:
ChromaWork Starter

Corporate Offices
Basic Package: ChromaWork Starter
Price: $15,000

Standard Package:
ChromaWork Plus

Corporate Offices
Standard Package: ChromaWork Plus - Comprehensive Workspace Enhancement
Price: $30,000

Premium Package:
ChromaWork Elite

Corporate Offices
Premium Package: ChromaWork Elite - Total Corporate Culture Transformation Plus
Price: $65,000
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