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Katy News
It’s not every day that you’ll hear a successful surgeon talk about the healing benefits of art and interior design. But that’s exactly what Dr.Dr. Stacey Denise Moore has been doing since 2022
Houston Mirror
Dr. Stacey Denise Moore is a distinguished Houston surgeon with an unlikely second career – artist and designer.Dr. Stacey has found personal healing through neuroaesthetic design.
EIN Press Wire
A surgeon-turned artist will be opening their works to the public starting September 12th. Ceyise Studios by Stacey Denise introduces brain-stimulating colors and designs imagined for luxury estates, offices, hotels,and galleries alike.
A transformative trend is sweeping through the field of interior design. As society increasingly recognizes the profound influence our environments wield on our mental well-being, a movement has emerged that transcends traditional aesthetics.
The spaces we inhabit can profoundly influence our mental health and well-being. Although it might sound like a gimmick, science suggests that our environment can have a massive impact on our emotional state.

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