Meet the Color Whisperer - Dr. Stacey Denise

Chromatic Genius and Creative Healing Expert.
Certified Color and Fine Art Consultations in The Greater Houston Metro and Woodlands Areas

Hi! I'm Dr. Stacey Denise Moore – an experienced physician, a certified color and fine art consultant, and above all, a TRUE ART ENTHUSIAST AT HEART!
I am your expert guide to unlocking the best colors for your interior spaces.

Embracing a passion for both art and medicine, I proudly serve as the Chief Creative Officer, Principal Artist, and Chief Expert Color Designer at Ceyise Studios.

My aim is to craft soul-stirring art pieces and luxurious interior designs that combine creativity and healing in one service. With a keen eye for house color design, I'll transform your home's walls with paint colors that harmoniously blend into a masterpiece.
Harnessing the captivating power of color psychology, each creation and room decor is thoughtfully tailored to enrich emotional and physical well-being.

I strive to create stunning color combinations that breathe life into your house's interior. With my expertise in home interior color and thoughtful decorating color palettes, you can be sure that your house decoration is infused with captivating colors and stylish schemes that reflect your unique taste and personality.

Let's embark on a journey together and ORDER INTERIOR DESIGN PACKAGES, COMMISSION EXQUISITE ART PIECES, OR SCHEDULE A CALL for a personalized touch.
Welcome to my vibrant world, where colors dance with emotions, and art becomes a canvas for healing.

Let's paint your world together with the Palette of Wonders….

The Story of Artful Discovery

From White Coats to Paint Palettes
From a very young age, I always had a deep love for creativity, but I pursued a career in medicine. As a medical practitioner, life seemed set, but a turning point made me pause and look within.

At that moment, I realized that my heart craved artistic expression. It made me look deep within myself. I could see that art could express things that words could not.
As my love for art and colors grew, a dream began to form in my heart – a dream of a special place where creativity and healing could come together. 

It felt like a bold move, but I couldn't resist the call. With courage as my guide, I took the leap and founded Ceyise Studios.Colors and art became my way of communicating feelings and emotions beyond words.

This Revelation Gave Birth To Ceyise Studios.

A Special Place Where Healing And Creativity Blend Beautifully to Create Living Spaces that Radiate Positivity, Empowerment, and Peace. 

It wasn't always easy, but my passion and determination pushed me forward. Each brushstroke and design became a testament to the power of expressing ourselves through art and how colors can touch our emotions.
 At Ceyise Studios, I wanted to create a sanctuary for healing and transformation through specialized color consultation and interior color design. With every creation and room decor, I saw how art could mend hearts and uplift spirits.

Today, I invite you to come and join this experience with me. 

Together, let's journey into this world of artful healing, where colors and creativity weave a beautiful tapestry of hope and wonder. 

The Artistic Romance

How Art Became My Passion

Life is like a canvas, and I've found my voice in art.

As a child, expressing my emotions was challenging due to a condition called Alexithymia. It left me feeling lost and confined, but art entered my life.

Art has transformed me in ways I never imagined. It became the language I needed to express emotions that words couldn't capture. I fell in love with creating digital mixed-media paintings using photography. Through colors and light, I strive to evoke powerful emotions in others.

Each artwork I create is a magical journey, connecting with people on a profound level and inspiring them to LIVE WITH OPTIMISM AND MINDFULNESS. My goal is to help people feel good about themselves and to be confident in expressing their true selves.

Through my color consulting and art design services, I encourage individuals to embrace their uniqueness and explore their passions. As a visual artist, I have a mission to show the world the incredible power of art in a simple yet impactful way.

I've come a long way from feeling trapped and unable to express myself. Art has given me a voice, a way to convey my feelings to the world. With my art, I hope to touch lives, spread joy, and make a positive difference.
Join Me On This Quest Of Discovery As I Let My Art Speak for Your Heart
Let It Touch Your Soul And Be A Source Of Inspiration And Happiness For You Too.
Inspired by Color, Driven by Design

Ceyise Studio – Art with a Heart

Our Vision and Commitment
At Ceyise Studios, our passion lies in providing a unique experience that touches the very essence of your soul.

We are deeply committed to the therapeutic potential of creativity and mindful living. At our studio, a team of talented designers and artists work with a single mission: TO MAKE A POSITIVE, MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES THROUGH ART THAT SPEAKS TO THEIR HEARTS.

What We Offer

For us, art and interior design go beyond mere aesthetics; it's a language of emotions, understanding, and renewal. We take great care in selecting colors, mediums, patterns, and textures for our designs, ensuring they captivate the eye and convey deeper symbolism.

Our offerings include a wide range of digital and physical art editions, residential color design services, vacation rental interior design services, color consultation, and art commission packages.
Through these services, people can infuse their daily lives with the energy of art, finding joy and ongoing motivation in the little things surrounding them.

Harmonizing Your Living Spaces

In addition to our art offerings, we provide specialized color consultation and visualization services rooted in color psychology.
We understand the impact of colors on the human psyche and help you set up environments that soothe the soul, filled with tranquility and sophistication. Each detail is meticulously considered to create an atmosphere of harmony and style in your day-to-day life.

At Ceyise Studios, we are not just a place to purchase attractive art and design pieces. 
We are a space of refuge, an oasis of serenity, and a haven of inner peace. 
Join Us In Crafting A Home, Office, Or Vacation Rental Space Where Beauty, Mindfulness, And Creativity Intertwine Harmoniously. Together, Let's Embrace A Living Style Of Blissful Meaning.

Want to Learn More About Dr. Stacey Denise?

Dive deep into the world of an exceptional artist whose art draws inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. Browse her YouTube Channel to get detailed insights into her inspiring story and journey of creative fulfillment.
Prepare to be amazed….

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How Can Dr. Stacey Denise Help You

Transform Your Living Spaces?

As a design expert, certified color consultant, and fine art specialist, Dr. Stacey Denise can work wonders in transforming your living spaces into captivating havens. With her keen eye for aesthetics and deep understanding of functional design, she brings a unique approach to creating spaces that resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations.
Personalized Consultation

Dr. Stacey Denise begins by getting to know you and understanding your vision for your living spaces. Through personalized consultations, she delves into your preferences, needs, and style, ensuring that every design choice reflects your personality and aligns with your goals.
Innovative Concepts

Drawing from her extensive experience and creativity, Dr. Stacey Denise crafts innovative design concepts beyond the ordinary. She combines the latest trends with timeless elegance, resulting in living spaces that are both chic and enduring.
Efficient Space Planning

With a focus on maximizing space, Dr. Stacey Denise creates layouts that optimize functionality and flow. Her expertise ensures that every inch of your living spaces is utilized effectively, making them not only visually appealing but also highly practical.
Artful Selections

From colors and textures to furniture and decor, Dr. Stacey Denise carefully curates artful selections that breathe life into your spaces. Her thoughtful choices infuse each room with warmth, character, and a sense of harmony.
Enhanced Comfort

Dr. Stacey Denise believes that comfort is paramount in any living space. She expertly blends aesthetics with comfort, designing welcoming and cozy spaces, ensuring you feel truly at home.
Inspiration and Empowerment

Beyond just design, Dr. Stacey Denise aims to inspire and empower you through your living spaces. By creating environments that evoke positive emotions and support your lifestyle, she enriches your daily life with a sense of joy and well-being.
With Dr. Stacey Denise as your guide, your living spaces will be elevated to new heights, reflecting your individuality and leaving you with a transformed, stylish, and harmonious home that speaks to your heart.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

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