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Ceyise Studios is Dr. Stacey Denise Moore,

a ​remarkable figure whose path from the medical field to the world ​of art and color consulting embodies a unique blend of science ​and aesthetics. With a background in medicine, Dr. Stacey brings a ​profound understanding of the human psyche to her artistic ​endeavors. Her work as a Certified Color Consultant and artist is ​rooted in the principles of neuroaesthetics, emphasizing the ​emotional and psychological impact of color and design.

Ceyise Studios:

Where ​Color Meets Wellness

Ceyise Studios, under Dr. Stacey’s guidance, offers specialized ​services in color consultancy and fine art. Our approach is ​holistic, integrating the science of color psychology with ​artistic expression to create spaces that are not just visually ​stunning but also therapeutic. We believe in the power of art ​and color to transform environments, enhancing emotional ​well-being and providing a sanctuary for the mind and spirit. Join us at Ceyise Studios, where we merge art, science, and ​wellness to create more than just spaces — we create ​experiences that uplift and heal.

A Message

From Dr. Stacey

Life started amidst the rhythm of heartbeats in the realm of healing, but the allure of colors beckoned me on a new path.

From a young age, I found solace and expression in the vibrant world of colors, a refuge from the emotional whirlpool of alexithymia that I navigated daily. Medicine was a profound chapter, yet the silent whispers of colors led me to a canvas of endless expression.
The transition wasn’t just a change of profession, but a voyage into self-discovery and emotional articulation. As I delved deeper into the essence of colors, a new language unfolded before me, helping me understand my emotions better and communicate them in a way words often fell short.

With each stroke of color, with each design envisioned, I found a way to bridge the chasm of emotions, not just for myself but for others who found it hard to articulate their feelings. The dream of Ceyise Studios emerged from this very essence—to create a sanctuary where colors and design serve as mediums of emotional dialogue, transcending the barriers of verbal expression.
Intrigued by my journey? For a deeper dive into my professional journey, view my resume.

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