Top 3 Classroom Colors for Keeping Students Focused and Inspired

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Students can easily become distracted in the classroom. A crooked poster or a flickering light can divert their attention away from their studies. Color is another significant factor that influences your students’ learning. 

Top 3 Classroom Colors for Keeping Students Focused and Inspired

Students can become easily distracted by their surroundings if they lack color. Looking out the window at the clear sky or lush grass can help students be more creative. You should use more orange, green, and blue in your classroom to keep students’ attention and motivate them to learn.

  • Orange – This warm and vibrant color has the ability to uplift people. Orange is reminiscent of a setting sun or the aroma of a freshly peeled orange full of delicious juice. According to Shiftelearning, theorists claim that the color orange increases oxygen levels in the brain, which helps with focus and stimulation. With this increased focus, a student will perform better in class and improve his overall grades.
  • Green – Green is a color that reminds students of the natural world outside of the classroom. By adding some real or fake ferns to your classroom, you can add some greenery. You can use the color on your slides or other materials as well.
  • Blue – This well-known color increases productivity. A student is more likely to work effectively and cheerfully if they see blue frequently throughout the day. A lot of blue, though, can come off as gloomy and icy. A vibrant color like orange can be used to counterbalance blue in this situation.

Color is a vital component of the classroom environment. It keeps students’ attention and piques their interest in the world around them. If a teacher uses orange, green, and blue in his classroom, he will notice that his students pay more attention and do better overall. 

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