Dr. Stacey Denise Moore in the operating room.

Color Whisperer

Hi! I’m Stacey Denise, a surgeon turned color whisperer.

As the artist and color consultant behind Ceyise Studios, I channel my energy, passion, and creative expression into each piece I create.

My Story

My story began at an early age when my childhood passion for creativity was suppressed and turned inwards.

Life’s circumstances pushed me to focus on my academic and observant side, which led to a successful career as a pediatric surgeon. While this journey was fulfilling, I could never shake the lingering feeling that something was missing.

After a traumatizing near-death experience, the reality of my mortality slapped me in the face. This was the epiphany I needed to give in to my lifelong passion and embrace the creativity that was trapped within me.

My Art

Life is an art and creating art is my life.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with the inability to understand or properly convey my emotions, a medical condition known as Alexithymia.

Art has forever changed me by allowing me to express feelings I otherwise couldn’t.

As a visual artist, my genre of choice is digital mixed-media painting using the medium of photography. My fine art photography is all about creating electrifying artwork that evokes emotions through the harmony of light and color.

Through the many years I spent as a physician, I gained a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of human connection and the importance of soulful living.

I strive to create work that transcends visually appealing photography and connects to the world on a deeper level.

Through my fine art photography and color consulting services, I aim to inspire individuals everywhere to feel good about their lives and give them the confidence to express themselves.

The pieces I create are meant to serve as a beacon of light, optimism, and hope.

My Process

To bring my fine art photography to life, my creative process follows a structured approach that allows for self-awareness and self-expression.

The process gives me a sense of freedom and transports me to a place of serenity, bliss, and inner peace.

As I submerge myself in nature, my camera and I travel on the search for beauty, duality, stillness, simplicity, and connection. I seek to inspire through colorful images of love, empathy, and admiration.

In my community, I strive to be an advocate for disadvantaged youth, helping to create scholarships that allow young people to have access to STEM programs. To accomplish this goal, 20% of each art purchase will be donated to fund an endowed scholarship here in Houston, Texas.

Ceyise Studios

I founded Ceyise Studios as a home for my creative pursuits of mixed-media fine art photography and architectural color design.

Together, these mediums form the vehicle through which I offer my art to the world. In accompaniment with my mediums of choice, I offer interior design, home décor, and color consultation services to bring color and meaning into the lives of others.

Ceyise Studios offers an exquisite range of fine art and color designs to evoke a sense of fulfillment and quiet luxury to your life.

For those of you that feel restricted in some way – whether it be emotionally, vocally, or creatively – I see you. I hear you. I feel you. My art is especially for you. Let it remind you of your inner beauty, now and forever.