Personalized Interior Design for Vacation Rentals

Turn Your Rental Property into a Magnetic Getaway

Design Your Way to Success

In a world where vacationers seek more than just a place to stay, do you also want to make your short-term rental property UNIQUE, STYLISH, AND INSTAGRAM-WORTHY?

Collaborate with Dr. Stacey and her team to create stunning, guest-ready bespoke spaces that MULTIPLY BOOKINGS, INCREASE REVENUES and ELEVATE EXPERIENCES.

Make Your Vacation Rental Property Stand Out

We help you overcome the challenges of getting your property guest-ready in a hassle-free, budget-friendly, and personalized way. No need to leave your vacation rental's success to chance when you can choose our unmatched expertise to take your property to new heights of profitability and guest satisfaction.

Our vacation rental interior design services start with creating a stunning 3D version of your exact room or house. This allows you to visualize your dream space before purchasing furniture and decor.

Dr. Stacey's extensive service scope covers everything from defining each room's look and feel, sourcing new furnishings, arranging shipments, staging, and removing existing items.

Professional Design Services For

Short Term Rentals - Vacation Homes – Airbnb – VRBOs –Homeaways - Executive Guest Retreats
Whether you want to enhance your existing rental property or embark on a new venture, our team is here to make your dream vacation rental a reality. 
Turnkey Conceirge Full Service Design
Perfect for the investor, remote or busy host who needs everything from planning to receiving to install and styling done for them.
Truly turnkey and all the details will be taken care of... you just sit back and collect rent.
Rental Refresh Consultation
For anyone planning to refresh and revitalize an existing, furnished property without breaking the bank. Our "Property Refresh Consultation" advises you on the highest return investments to increase your rates and bookings.
Customized Short Term Rental Styling
Talk with Dr. Stacey and share your details.
Let us make your unique property comfortable and beautiful, attracting more views online, faster conversions and ensuring functional spaces that delight your guests. 
Renovation for Resale / Raised Rental Pricing Package
Your rental could benefit from a detailed renovation design plan that includes paint colors, flooring, sourced light fixtures and direction for your Contractor.
Rental Refresh - Mini Makeover
Feeling overwhelmed with your "Refresh ROI To-Do List"? We can do the power-shopping and styling for you! Includes 6-hours of planning, sourcing and install/styling.
Rental Refresh -Minor Makeover
So much "refresh potential" but not enough time? We got you! More sourcing and design time means maximum appeal! Includes 10-hours of planning, sourcing and install/styling.

Revamp Your Vacation Rental's Value

The interior design of your vacation rental is not just an expense; it's a smart investment. Here are the benefits Ceyise Studios can bring to your Short Term Rental Property


Ready to take your vacation rental to the next level?

Let Dr. Stacey Denise Empower you with the Ceyise Effect.

"Interior design is our passion, our lifeline. We pour our heart and soul into every project to ensure you receive nothing less than extraordinary results.

Our goal? Delivering the best possible reviews and ensuring your guests become loyal repeat clients. We take immense pride in making homeowners beam with joy as they witness their property transformed into a remarkable haven.

Your satisfaction and success are our ultimate driving force. Let us embark on this exciting journey together and create a world where your property becomes the talk of the town!"

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your rental's profitability.

Book your Free Discovery Call for a

Personalized Design Plan!

Don't Lose Profits Due To A Small Mistake

Hire the best to create beautiful, functional, and marketable vacation rental spaces for your valuable guests.

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