Rituals for Clearing Space to Transform Negative Energy in Your Home

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The Human Brain and Architecture

Someone once said that architecture is 99% invisible. The structure and durability of the building are the results of a carefully planned set of supports and construction methods. In this sense, architecture is a metaphor for the brain. While the hidden design is spiritual, the structure is physical. Without sufficient support, a building will eventually give way. A stressed mind will experience the same repercussions if it is not given the necessary care and attention. 

You can tell exactly what a building is made of, even if you can’t see the internal structural supports. Having our energy and inspiration drained by a chaotic environment is a well-documented fact.

When the pandemic hit and everyone was quarantined inside their homes, this became painfully obvious. As they were constantly exposed to the same surroundings, they gradually lost their enthusiasm. Some people believe that negative feelings, such as sadness, can become “trapped” in a given location. To put it another way, this is what we mean when we talk about “stuck energy.” In order to release these pent-up feelings, many people have turned to “space clearing” a form of ritualized meditation.

Rituals for Clearing Space

Services for Clearing Space 

Practitioners of feng shui and other New Age religions believe that clearing the energy in a room through ritual is an effective way to revitalize the area. Sage or palo santo burning, bell ringing, and other rituals may be a part of it.


Space clearing by a holistic interior designer can cost anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars an hour, depending on its complexity. However, anyone can do space clearing on their own property under certain circumstances. 


True Home Design‘s manager, Mr. Tenzin recommends the process of “honoring, acknowledging, feeling, and releasing” any stagnant energy. Practitioners believe that rather than ignoring the past, one should respect the people who have lived there. Burning sage or palo santo is thought to release negative or stuck energy. 


There are those who believe that only trained professionals should conduct rituals because of their potency. The use of a pendulum, the location’s address, and a blueprint of the building’s layout allows some specialists to perform the clearing procedure from afar. 

Rituals for Clearing Space
Rituals for Clearing Space

Holistic Interior Design

After you’ve cleaned up your home, you might want to think about rearranging the furniture. Create a setting that promotes health and well-being with the help of natural materials, ample lighting, adequate ventilation, and a soothing atmosphere. Professionals recommend beginning from the outside in. Go for a stroll around your property if you need some ideas. Consider using color palettes that complement the natural elements around your house. Feel more at one with your surroundings by decorating with objects, fabrics, and hues that bring to mind your aspirations for the future.  

Focus your thoughts and make a firm commitment to bringing calm and contentment to your heart, soul, and surroundings as you enter the newly cleared space. 

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