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Infuse Your Space with Vibrant Vibes

The ChromaElegant Residential E-Design Journey

Crafting Your Home’s Story Together

At Ceyise Studios, we believe the right shades and shapes can turn your dwelling into a haven of serenity and joy. Home design isn't merely about eye-pleasing aesthetics; it’s about orchestrating a setting that nurtures your spirit. Dr. Stacey Denise, with her rich background in interior design and color consultancy, is your collaborator in this creative voyage. Her insight into color psychology shapes spaces that are not only visually enchanting but also supportive of your mental and emotional wellness.

Together, we’ll translate your vision into a living reality, ensuring every hue and decor element resonates with your life’s narrative, enriching your everyday living experience.

Desire a home that's both a visual delight and a cradle of positivity? 

The ChromaElegant Residential E-Design Journey is your pathway to such a sanctuary.

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Residential E-Design Services

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All packages can be completely customized to meet your individual needs.
  • ChromaStarter
  • ChromaPosh
ChromaStarter E-Design Package: Embark on a Colorful Journey to a Chic Abode
Kickstart your home’s transformation journey with our ChromaStarter package. Experience a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal tailored to the modern lifestyle.
All ChromaStarter E-Design Packages Feature:

  • Virtual Meetup
  • Project Instruction & Budget Guide
  • 30-minute Initial & Follow-up Calls
  • 1-Inspiration Room & Concept Board
  • 1-Final Room Design
  • Custom Color Palette
  • Master Shopping List with Links
  • Designer Direction and Notes
  • Styling Tips & Guides

Ready to infuse your home with colors that mirror your essence? Start your design journey with a personalized touch!

Infused with Color, Tailored by Design

Why Partner with Us?

At Ceyise Studios, it's about more than just design; it's about crafting a space that's uniquely yours. Our hallmark lies in blending PROFESSIONALISM, TRANSPARENT PRICING, and access to EXCLUSIVE TRADE VENDORS to bring your vision to life within your budget.

With a promise of FULL TRANSPARENCY, NO MARK-UPS, and FLEXIBLE SOURCING OPTIONS, we tailor a design journey around your desires. Uncover a world of premium-quality products and unique furnishings curated just for you.

No room for guesswork here – we kickstart your design adventure with a detailed vision board, aligning every step with your dream space.

At Ceyise Studios, Crafting Spaces You'll Cherish is What We Do Best.

Unveil the Path to Your Dream Space 

Grab the Residential E-Design Investment Guide Now!

Dive into our Residential E-Design Investment Guide for a vivid glimpse of our offerings, tailored to guide you towards making the perfect choice for your haven.

Opt for Colors that Influence Your Mood, Productivity, And Overall Happiness

Every room in your home is a canvas, radiating your unique tale and lifestyle. We help you embrace the power of color and design to transform your house into a haven filled with positivity and charm.

As an esteemed color consultant, Dr. Stacey ensures that each hue is thoughtfully chosen to evoke the desired emotions and ambiance in your home. 

Imagine stepping into your living room after a long day and instantly feeling a sense of calm wash over you. Envision waking up in a bedroom that energizes you and sets the perfect tone for the day ahead. Picture yourself in a kitchen that sparks creativity and invites you to create culinary masterpieces.
Uncover the secrets to harmonizing your space with the changing seasons, colors and discover how to infuse your home with the perfect palettes that resonate with your soul.

Ready to Redesign? 

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Welcome, onboard ChromaElegant Residential Color Design Experience, where we believe a beautifully designed home is the key to a happier and healthier life. Your home should reflect who you are and what brings you joy. We work closely with you to understand your unique preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. That's how we craft spaces that tell your story, evoke cherished memories, and celebrate your individuality!

Together, let's create a home that not only impresses your guests but also nurtures your soul.

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