Ren O. Contemporary Boho Chic Bedroom Project​

Ren O. Contemporary Boho Chic

Bedroom Project​


Chroma Starter Package with Add-ons

Ren, a busy millennial marketer living in Houston, sought out Ceyise Studios and Dr. Stacey Denise to help transform her lackluster bedroom into a Zen creative sanctuary. Ren’s vision was to create an oasis that aligned with her boho chic style and provided a spot for meditation and rejuvenation. It was important to Ren to ensure that the space reflected her love for music, art, and culture, while also serving as a sophisticated yet cozy retreat where she could embrace her inner child and creativity after a long workday. Dr. Stacey Denise, an expert in neuroaesthetic art and design, incorporated calming, colorful accents and innovative AI technology to create the ideal blend of high-style and high-tech. The overall aesthetic of the space is bohemian with touches of indie music and local artist influences, perfect for progressive millennials who want a space that supports their multifaceted lives. Through the use of neuroaesthetic principles, Ceyise Studios designed a bedroom that promotes well-being and creativity, tailored to Ren’s unique personality and lifestyle.


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