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Bell Tower Moonscape – Metal Print

Limited Edition – Metal Print with Acrylic Face Mount

ARTIST: Stacey Denise

Aspect Ratio: 4:5    

Material: Metal Print – High Gloss Finish; 1/4” Acrylic Face and Small Stainless-Steel Posts

Edition: 3 Artist Proofs / 15 Limited Editions

Limited-edition artworks ship in 4-6 weeks. If you’re interested in a size not available online, please reach out to me to discuss. I’m here to help! Click the link below.

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Experience a visual journey where the essence of Eastern architecture gracefully collides with urban allure in the exquisite “Bell Tower Moonscape” artwork by Dr. Stacey Denise. This limited-edition metal print is more than just a picture—it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece that encapsulates a timeless interplay of natural and man-made elements. The meticulous details and vibrant colors bring a lively yet harmonious ambiance to any space it adorns.

Dr. Stacey Denise, with her masterful artistry, employs a blend of digital airbrush, charcoal, and oil painting techniques to breathe life into this photographic landmark artwork. The moody tones woven through the piece evoke a profound sense of mystery, inviting viewers to traverse the veil between the known and the unknown, the ancient and the contemporary.

Invest in the “Bell Tower Moonscape” by Dr. Stacey Denise and own a piece that is sure to captivate hearts and spark conversations. This artwork is not just a visual delight but an embodiment of history, artistry, and modern-day charm intertwined. Your journey to exploring the majestic blend of the past and present begins with this awe-inspiring piece, making every glance towards it a step into a different realm.

Key Features:

  1. Striking Visual Appeal: The high-gloss metal print accentuates the vivid details and colors, ensuring a standout presence whether in your home or office.
  2. Acrylic Face Mount: Your artwork is face-mounted onto a 1/4” acrylic panel, enhancing the color vibrancy and depth of the image. This modern presentation not only provides a sleek aesthetic but also offers UV protection, safeguarding your investment over time.
  3. Elegant Mounting: The piece comes with small stainless-steel posts for a clean and straightforward wall-hanging solution, enabling a floating effect that further augments its visual allure.
  4. Limited Edition Artistry: Embrace the exclusivity that comes with this limited edition release, making it a valued addition to any art collection.
  5. Expert Craftsmanship: Dr. Stacey Denise’s expertise shines through each stroke and pixel, offering you a captivating visual study that bridges worlds and eras.
  6. Exclusive Limited Edition: With only 3 artist proofs and 15 limited editions available, this artwork is a rare acquisition for discerning art collectors.
  7. Dimensions and Price: The piece measures 32”x 40” and is priced at $6,999, making it a significant addition to any art collection.

Copyright Notice: This image is copyright (c) Ceyise Studios 2023. Unauthorized duplication, reproduction, reselling, distributing, or commercial use of this original artwork is strictly prohibited without written permission. Reach out before reproducing to avoid legal action. The purchase of this print does not grant any reproduction rights. Copyright is fully retained by Ceyise Studios.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 42 × 6 in
Print Only

16 in x 20 in or 41 cm x 51 cm, 32 in x 40 in or 84 cm x 102 cm

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