Loss, Passion, Eternity Art Series: Chapter One – Loss: Forgotten At the Bayou

Forgotten At the Bayou. I’ve never been good at putting my emotions into words, but I’ve recently been using my […]

Forgotten At the Bayou. I’ve never been good at putting my emotions into words, but I’ve recently been using my camera, Wacom tablet, and ballpoint pen to reflect on what I’ve learned about love.

Love, like the ocean, is vast and rich in depth, but it can also be muddy and murky. I recently completed a series titled “Loss, Passion, Eternity” in which I discussed how my perspectives on love have evolved over time.

You may think that these intriguing works from afar don’t belong in a series about love, and I understand, but I hope you’ll keep reading my new series “Loss, Passion, and Eternity” to find out where the ideas for it came from.

I’d like to take you on a journey through this series, explaining how each painting contributes to the tapestry and complexity that is love.

Chapter One: Loss

I’ve always had trouble telling people how I feel, which has made it hard for me to reach out to them and tell them how I’ve been feeling. Because of this, I’ve lost friends because of misunderstandings, irritation, and discontent. I use pictures that are clear, colorful, and full of hints to explain and show who I am.

Even though some of my work is based on fantasy and folklore and reminds me of fairytales from my childhood, it still has messages about perseverance and how important it is to choose our own paths, even if they aren’t the same as everyone else’s.

Because of this, I have become very passionate about making artwork that shows the complexity of love. at least the way I understand it now.

“Forgotten at the Bayou” is a story about heartbreak, messed-up relationships, and loss that is told in a visual way and has hidden details. I did this by playing around with the colors and themes of the fairy tales I read as a child.

This detailed picture of a regal frog posing on a branch in the bayou shows stillness and time standing still. It is set against a colorful background of golden hour bokeh that is very reflective.

For one, there is a feeling that something magical is just around the corner, while for the other, there is a feeling of hopelessness in the air that makes all the colors seem sad.

He waited in peace and quiet for his princess to come back. He gets tired of waiting for her to come back, and the crown on his head starts to fall off. He can’t stop crying blood diamonds for the love he wants but can’t find.

The promises of a happy ending, a white picket fence, and a lifetime of happiness are starting to fade.

This situation makes us think of something that goes beyond the physical world and gives us a glimpse into feelings that are hard to talk about, like the bitter reminder of the love that comes from pain and loss.

The bright colors fill in any gaps, like loneliness or uncertainty about the future. I’m reminded that sometimes, even though it seems like nothing is happening or moving, we must keep our faith and keep going, no matter what happens or how hard things get.

Money, fame, or the approval of others can’t make up for the love you have to give yourself first.

Forgotten At the Bayou

No matter where life takes us, love can sometimes be tied to pain, and beauty can sometimes be tied to loss.

But if we dare to look beyond what seems to be true, with compassion and courage for ourselves, we can see new perspectives around us that give us insight and opportunities we’ve never had before. 

In the next chapter, we will explore the second aspect of love, passion.

Forgotten At the Bayou
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