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The ChromaElegant Residential Color Design Experience

Painting Your Dreams into Reality
At Ceyise Studios, the right interior design choices can transform your living space into a sanctuary for the heart and soul. Designing a home is not just about the visual appeal; it is all about creating an atmosphere that supports your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Dr. Stacey Denise is a distinguished interior design expert and color consultant who brings her passion for creating harmonious living spaces to every project. With years of experience and a keen eye for color psychology, she is devoted to curating your dream home. Dr. Stacey helps you embrace the right hues to improve mental health, reduce stress and fatigue, and ignite creativity.
From floor to ceiling, we weave magic into every corner, creating spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. With handpicked palettes and carefully selected home decor items, we help you create a living space that resonates with your soul. We work with you to breathe life into your homes, uplifting your mood and infusing every corner with positivity, contentment, and joyfulness.

If you want a home that looks stunning and enhances your well-being, then our ChromaElegant Residential Color Design Experience is for you. 

Let me help you design a space you'll love.

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Why Choose Us?

At Ceyise Studio, we stand out by providing unmatched PROFESSIONALISM, TRANSPARENT PRICING, and access to EXCLUSIVE TRADE VENDORS, allowing us to curate the perfect space within your budget.

With a focus on FULL TRANSPARENCY, NO MARK-UPS, AND FLEXIBLE SOURCING OPTIONS, we ensure a delightful design experience tailored to your preferences. We provide high-end, premium-quality products and unique furnishings through our carefully curated TRADE VENDORS.

 At Ceyise Studios, we don't believe in guesswork. Our design planning begins with a meticulous vision board showcasing your complete space.

This comprehensive plan helps avoid costly design mistakes and ensures we're on the same page with your vision.

At Ceyise Studios,
We Pride Ourselves On Creating Spaces That You Will Truly Love.

Download Our the Residential Design Investment Guide Now!

The Residential e-Design Investment Guide offers a detailed overview of our services and helps you make the right choice for your home.

Opt for Colors that Influence Your Mood, Productivity, And Overall Happiness

Every room in your home is a canvas, radiating your unique tale and lifestyle. We help you embrace the power of color and design to transform your house into a haven filled with positivity and charm.

As an esteemed color consultant, Dr. Stacey ensures that each hue is thoughtfully chosen to evoke the desired emotions and ambiance in your home. 

Imagine stepping into your living room after a long day and instantly feeling a sense of calm wash over you. Envision waking up in a bedroom that energizes you and sets the perfect tone for the day ahead. Picture yourself in a kitchen that sparks creativity and invites you to create culinary masterpieces.
Uncover the secrets to harmonizing your space with the changing seasons, colors and discover how to infuse your home with the perfect palettes that resonate with your soul.

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Welcome, onboard ChromaElegant Residential Color Design Experience, where we believe a beautifully designed home is the key to a happier and healthier life. Your home should reflect who you are and what brings you joy. We work closely with you to understand your unique preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. That's how we craft spaces that tell your story, evoke cherished memories, and celebrate your individuality!

Together, let's create a home that not only impresses your guests but also nurtures your soul.

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