Behind the Art Stories

This is a behind the scenes glimpse into the stories of why and how Stacey Denise created her artwork.

Njideka Crosby: Neuroaesthetics in Bi-Cultural Art
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Njideka Crosby: Neuroaesthetics in Bi-Cultural Art

In our Black History Month series, we spotlight the incredible Njideka Akunyili Crosby, a Nigerian-born artist whose work is a vibrant tapestry of cultural identities. Crosby’s art, a harmonious blend of Nigerian heritage and American experiences, offers a unique window into the complexities of bicultural identity. Through her use of mixed media, including photographic transfers and vivid acrylics, Crosby invites us to delve into narratives that are both deeply personal and universally resonant. Join us in celebrating her contribution to art and the powerful way she bridges diverse cultural narratives.

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