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What is Painterly Photography and Why Does it Matter?

Whether the artwork in your home is a photograph or a painting, I believe the focus should be on how you enjoy it and how it affects your artistic consciousness.

Unlike most art forms, painterly photography is an epic romance—a blissful tango between painting and photography.

Since discovering painterly photography, I’ve been fascinated by the seamless blending of painting and photography, as well as the amount of creativity that can be achieved with this medium.

Defined Painterly Photography

Painterly photography is one of those genres that defies categorization.

It expands the boundaries of creative ingenuity and allows artists to breathe new life into seemingly disparate and absurd pieces, each with a meaning.

Painterly photography can include unusual images, single images, or a series of images. The styles and treatments vary greatly, from classic black-and-white scenes to more unusual images, but the effects remain surreal.

It set the stage for the finer aspects of artistic expression for those with a keen eye.

It give the artist an infinite palette to work with while exploring his inner creativity. The artist’s ability to dream is what makes his or her work beautiful.

Consider Jack Montgomery’s painterly photography piece “Eilidh in the dunes.”

“The image of Eilidh was made about four years ago,” he says. The clouds were taken five years earlier in a photograph.

The house and grass were captured on an iPhone in Truro, Massachusetts (where Hopper spent a lot of time painting) in 2016. “I drew the shadows (in the fourth panel below) and other elements of the final image.”

Painterly effect of a big oak tree, Generative AI

See how beautifully each of these individual pieces comes together to form an original masterpiece. The story behind its creation is as intriguing as the final product.

I’m from Texas, where it rains a lot. I was astounded that it never rained in the Middle East during my time there.

On a trip to Jordan, I photographed a woman standing at the exit to The Citadel in Amman and imagined what it would be like for her to witness the awesome power of a tornado the size of Texas.

The concept inspired the piece below, titled “There’s No Place Like Home.”

These are some of the befuddling possibilities of painterly photography.

Why Does It Matter?

Painterly Photography

The sheer number of creative opportunities that painterly photography provides an artist is a reason enough to investigate this art form.

If you’re like me, you’re fascinated by the complexities of life and art. Life is an art, as we say at Ceyise Studios, and I enjoy painterly photography because it allows me to travel into my own thoughts and imagination.

Painterly photography allows you to create art with photographic images. Though this may appear unconventional at times, it is well worth the effort to investigate the technique.

The completed composition is a creation brought to life entirely by the artist’s imagination.

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