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Top 5 Ways Art Advisers Save Company Time

Top 5 Ways Art Advisers Save Company Time

Art advisers do much more than purchase art. They provide expert advice to help businesses build a collection that speaks to their specific goals. They are familiar with the important details of owning and collecting art.

From interior design to tax filing, art advisers understand the parameters of protecting important purchases and maintaining quality products. Below are five ways art advisers save company time.

Designing interiors
  1. Designing interiors – Companies may desire to feature fine art in their lobbies and waiting rooms, but they do not have the expertise needed to choose relevant pieces and organize those pieces strategically.

    Art advisers consider your specific goals, budget, and location to recommend quality pieces from trusted sellers. They take the pressure away from completing a large interior design on your own by carefully researching and selecting only the best options for your project. 
  2. Obtaining insurance – In too many cases, art owners seek coverage too late, after a pencil has already pierced a canvas or a wine stain has left an ugly blot. Unfortunately, pieces that have already been damaged cannot receive reimbursement for restoration or loss of value.

    To defend your pieces against unexpected destruction, art advisers research and procure insurance plans specialized to your needs. They can also help you obtain shipping insurance if you ever need to transport a piece of art through the mail.
  3. Selling artwork – The process of selling fine art can be challenging. In many cases, you need to communicate with the original seller. You will also need to reach out to potential buyers, a task that is not only tedious but also time-consuming.

    Selling artwork can distract you from the normal operation of your business. Art advisers already have connections within the art market and can more easily find buyers for your specific pieces.
  4. Conserving products – Fine art pieces require special care to ensure their quality. When needing restorations, cleaning, or repairs, art advisers can connect businesses to experienced art conservationists in the area.

    These conservators use precise techniques to prevent deterioration while maintaining appearance and quality. Art advisers will reach out to these conservationists whenever they notice accumulating dust, tears, or broken frames. That way, all art retains its value and remains protected from the elements. 
  5. Filing taxes – Taxes are never easy to understand. Filing becomes more of a challenge when involving art purchased out of state. Although you might not understand the intricacies of sales and use tax, art advisers are well-versed in these areas. To minimize time and ensure that the laws in each jurisdiction are followed, refer to your art adviser’s recommendations. 
Art Painting Exhibition

Without an art adviser, you must rely on your own knowledge to design your company’s interiors, obtain insurance, sell artwork, conserve products, and file taxes.

All of these tasks take time away from the bigger purpose of your company. Whether you’re providing healthcare or retail services, you likely do not have time to commit to the important tasks listed above.

To save time and ensure all aspects of your art purchase are handled expertly, consider hiring an art adviser. The time you save will be well worth your investment in their services. 

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