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Top 5 Hospitals in the United States Known for Their Art Collections

US Hospitals Famous for Art Collections

Hospitals are beginning to display art collections at their facilities now that people are beginning to recognize the healing and soothing benefits of art. In this article, I list and describe the top five US Hospitals Famous for Art Collections.

1. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio’s Western Reserve Hospital

Western Reserve Hospital, the first among the top 5 US Hospitals Famous for Art Collections, takes pride itself in having an enviable art collection and a rotating art exhibit called Healing HeART. The artwork curated for this exhibit was created by local artists who have or are currently battling cancer. The exhibit’s goal is to highlight the stories of other cancer survivors and to celebrate survivorship.

Their work is displayed in the New Choice Pharmacy and infusion rooms as a source of inspiration for new patients. Exposure to this type of art can aid in the healing process. The artist can tell his story, and those receiving treatment at Western Reserve Hospital can see the art and be encouraged.

A community art showcase was also launched by the Western Reserve Hospital in collaboration with COLLIDE: Cuyahoga Falls. The art in the showcase is donated by members of the community and changes on a monthly basis. If you want to buy one of the artworks, you can do so because they are for sale.

2. New Jersey’s Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

Another hospital art gallery is Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital in New Jersey. You may have recently heard about it in the news. The gallery is on the first floor of the building, near the garage and lobby, and features work by the curator Carol Gartzman Gooberman as well as other artists, primarily from Camden and Gloucester counties.

Carol Gooberman is a well-known local artist and a frequent hospital art donor. She believes that art has the ability to heal and that its purpose extends beyond mere aesthetic value. She has strong ties to the local art community and is constantly encouraging them to create more appealing environments.

Gooberman launched her art gallery as part of an effort to improve the overall environment at Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital. The gallery’s artwork is both warm and inviting. The majority of the pieces depict nature, and they are rotated at regular intervals to keep the view interesting. Visitors to the hospital can stroll through this gallery and admire the beautiful paintings. Some patients can even see the artwork through their windows.

Plans are in the works to encourage younger artists, particularly high school students and teenagers, to contribute to the gallery.

Gooberman hopes to engage all members of the community in the improvement of the hospital and the creation of art. All of the featured artwork is for sale.

3. Ellenville Regional Hospital, Ellenville, New York

Local artists are frequently featured at Ellenville Regional Hospital in New York. The hospital strongly advocates using beautiful objects to speed sickness recovery in an area known as the “Healing Arts Gallery.” The gallery’s goal is to give both patients and healthcare practitioners a new perspective on local art.

The gallery is open to the public and is regularly updated with new art and exhibits.

4. New Hampshire’s Monadnock Community Hospital

Monadnock Community Hospital, located in Southwestern New Hampshire, has always valued the role of art in healing and wellness. The Healing Arts Gallery is located directly across from the hospital’s Emergency Services Department.

The hospital encourages artists to submit their work and support the therapeutic cause of art. The gallery is easily accessible and hosts three shows a year that feature the work of local artists.

5. Children’s Hospital of Boston

Colors, art, and anything that sparks their imagination is generally more appealing to children. This is most likely one of the reasons Boston Children’s Hospital has a lovely art gallery. To engage patients and visitors, the gallery features a variety of art forms such as paintings, sculptures, and interactive pieces.

In addition to the art gallery, the hospital hosts regular art exhibits. Because hospitals must be cautious about what they display, the art curated for Boston Children’s Hospital is carefully chosen and often custom-made to meet the standards of the institution.

Every piece is chosen to delight visitors’ eyes and leave a lasting impression on them.

United States America healthcare medical concept - stethoscope on American flag

People in the healthcare industry are starting to recognize the value of art in hospitals. Art is a tool that promotes health and happiness. It is a creative outlet for patients to connect with one another and feel empowered.

For the time being, the hospital aesthetic is associated with bare walls and the odor of disinfectant, but this mindset is gradually changing. People must understand that art can make their hospitals less bleak and more cheerful.

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