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Moving Beyond the Cliché in Spiritual Design for Everyday Life

Moving Beyond the Cliché in Spiritual Design for Everyday Life



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These days, more people than ever before report feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Because of the pandemic, many of us had to make major adjustments. Our homes were turned into places for meetings, lectures, and even workouts. At home, we were secure, but readjusting to life after the pandemic has been challenging. 

Moving Beyond the Cliché in Spiritual Design for Everyday Life

It’s been reported that some people have turned to spiritual interior design to help them center themselves and feel at ease. This kind of interior design makes the well-being of those nearby a top priority.

Moving Beyond the Cliché in Spiritual Design for Everyday Life

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt instantly at peace, you may have experienced the benefits of spiritual design. Everything in the room, including your feelings, was in perfect sync with one another. It’s important to know where that feeling of being one with the world comes from when you have it. Then you can bring that feeling into your everyday life at home and at work.

In particular, awareness is necessary for the creation of an effective spiritual layout. Self-care is something that many people put a lot of thought and effort into. They may be mindful eaters, meditators, and exfoliators, but they also need to be mindful decorators. How can you bring a sense of calm, beauty, and spirituality into your home by balancing your emotions?

Spiritual Design for Inspiration

We’ve outlined the five components of spiritual design below:

Botanical Materials:

Spiritual Design for Everyday Life

Nature, as I’ve said before and will say again, is your ally. Not only is green one of the most soothing colors, but organic fabrics, textures, and materials also have a plethora of health benefits that carry over to the mind and body. 

Soft Lighting:

Spiritual Design

Darkness is depressing. Pull back the blinds and let the sunlight in. Warm, gentle LED lighting is something else I highly recommend. Focus on how the light is coming in so that you don’t have any unwelcome shadows.  

Harmonious Colors

Moving beyond cliche

Choose colors and textures that both calm and motivate you. A professional decorator will be able to help you choose colors that not only look good together but also express your individuality. 

Keep Your House Neat and Tidy

Moving beyond cliche

The greatest threat in any house is chaos. It could drastically change the atmosphere of a room and inspire discordant activity at home. Occasionally, you’ll need to let go of items that are cluttering up the room but serving no useful purpose. 

The way you decorate and furnish your home says a lot about you. Make the most of it.

-Dr. Stacey Denise

By keeping spirituality in mind during the design process, the designer can create a safe haven for the people who will be using the space.

Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.
Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.

Dr. Stacey Denise Moore is the visionary behind Ceyise Studios, serving as Chief Creative Officer, Principal Artist, and Chief Expert Color Designer. With a background in medicine, her life’s work is a harmonious blend of art and wellness, deeply influenced by a transformative personal experience. Her digital mixed-media art, rooted in color psychology, inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and express their emotions freely. At Ceyise Studios, Dr. Stacey Denise’s expertise in color consulting and fine art photography aims not just to beautify but to evoke a sense of well-being and self-confidence in others. She believes in the transformative power of art to communicate profound emotions and advocates for living a life designed with optimism and intention.

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