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Purchasing Art for the Home vs. Purchasing Art for a Health and Wellness Facility

Art for the Home vs. Art for a Health and Wellness Facility

We can all agree that art is a powerful means of communication and can be therapeutic. There is plenty to choose from with the possibility of numerous color combinations and compositions. Context is important when selecting art for a specific location.

What works in one location may be completely inappropriate and out of place in another. As a result, it is critical that we understand the dynamics of various spaces before infusing art with them.

This blog post focuses on Art for the Home vs. Art for a Health and Wellness Facility. Both are vastly different, and knowing the rules that govern both will make your job easier if you’re an art enthusiast or collector.

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The function of art in a home is vastly different from that of a hospital. A hospital is a functional building where people go for healing and wellness. Art on hospital grounds must be appealing to patients and have a positive impact on their health.

When someone is admitted to a hospital, they are cut off from the rest of the world. Healing is a holistic process, and art can be an instrument of escape in such a situation, especially when someone is in pain. Numerous studies support this claim and confirm that art promotes well-being and health.

Personal residences and homes, on the other hand. Your home is yours, just like your clothes. As a result, everything in it, from the furniture to the color of the walls, reflects you and the other residents.

You would select a work of art because it reflects your personality or simply because it represents your values. In a nutshell, it tells your story.

Schemes of Color

Hospitals and clinics are places where people recover and heal, so it stands to reason that they should be calm and relaxed. Chaos and hyperactivity have no place in a medical facility.

Art for the Home vs. Art for Health and Wellness Facility

When selecting art for such a location, make sure the color scheme isn’t too distracting for the patients. Someone who is in pain will be more sensitive to bright colors than someone who is at ease in their own home. Because patients are away from home, the unfamiliarity and environment can exacerbate their anxiety.

Cool colors are unquestionably the best colors for hospital art. You can always mix warm and neutral tones if you don’t want the space to be boring. Because vibrant colors are known to cause anxiety, a muted and balanced color palette is preferable.

The color scheme of the art piece you’ve chosen in a residential space is determined by the room in which it is displayed.

If you’re hanging a painting in a child’s room, it should be vibrant, happy, and inspiring enough to keep them interested. When selecting art for your living room, keep in mind that it is a gathering place for family and friends.

You can either experiment here or display something that will spark a conversation. Because people spend so much time in their living rooms, the art in them should be the perfect finishing touch. It should complement the furniture rather than overpower the other elements.

Consider the Audience

Decoration in personal spaces is left to the imagination. This means that it doesn’t matter if your choice of painting or photograph is provocative or completely ridiculous.

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and you can be as creative as you want with its décor. You don’t have the same creative freedom in hospitals.

Because it serves other people and patients are central to its functions, it must be sensitive to their feelings. This means that if you choose a risqué painting that makes you happy, others may not feel the same way.

It can also be a distraction for patients who are already dealing with the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment and may react negatively to it.

Choosing a Work of Nature Art

We all love nature, and nothing is more beautiful and indulgent than its depiction. Choosing nature-based art, on the other hand, varies depending on whether it is for a hospital or a home.

While images of glaciers, snow, and wintertime may look good in any setting, they are not appropriate for hospitals. This is because they cause feelings of isolation and stress. Scenes of cold do little to comfort patients who are already uncomfortable.

Consider choosing something that exudes vitality, such as lush green gardens and flower-filled meadows. You can always use photos to make the imagery more realistic.

Healthy plants and nature serve as a reminder of happier times and are frequently associated with warm feelings and nostalgia.

If you enjoy bare trees and desserts, keep them in your own home.

Art for the Home vs. Art for Health and Wellness Facility

The Difference Between Abstract and Figurative Art

The thing about abstract art is that it can be interpreted in any way because it is open-ended. Because we can’t control everyone’s thoughts, choosing abstract art for a hospital should be avoided.

Although a number of researchers have challenged this notion and believe that abstract art allows for creative expression, there is always a risk associated with it because it is open to interpretation. Abstract art in the home can give your space a new perspective and brighten it up.

There is no contest between abstract and figurative art for the home. Abstract art in the home can give your space a new perspective and brighten it up.

Figurative art, on the other hand, is appropriate for both hospitals and private homes. They are especially popular in the former scenario due to the scarcity of natural imagery in a healthcare facility.

A charming figurative work of art can serve as both a distraction and a source of comfort for patients. If you have to choose between abstract and figurative art for hospitals, go with the latter.

It’s always a good idea to experiment with Art for the Home vs. Art for a Health and Wellness Facility, but the rules are different in both cases. With the limited creative space provided by a health and wellness space, you must adhere to the purpose of its presence in order to curate the appropriate type of art.

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