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Get Up And Go! Inspiring Students To Do Better In Class

Get Up And Go! Inspiring Students To Do Better In Class



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In order to learn, students need to engage with the material, the instructors, and each other. A disinterested student is less likely to remember what has been covered in class.

Get the kids up and moving around the classroom as a means of keeping their attention. In particular, studies have shown that physical activity improves student performance in elementary school.

Dr. Stacey Denise

Inspiring students to do better in class

Get your students up and moving in these four suggested classroom arrangements. 

Enhance classroom lighting

Students rising hands during class-Student sitting on a desk in school-Inspiring students to do better in class

 Light is a naturally occurring resource that everyone requires. Bright classrooms help students see and read better and maintain concentration. In a well-lit room, students will have an easier time reading and writing on whiteboards and other faraway materials.

Improve air quality

Student snizzing due to poor air quality at school.

Students’ health is negatively impacted by polluted air, so make sure to maintain a clean environment. If you want to improve the air quality at school, you should check and clean the air vents and filters and let the administration know about any moldy areas. Better ventilation and air quality can boost a student’s productivity and happiness.

Swap Around the Desks

Student sitting on desk in school.

If students are starting to feel confined by the current layout, switch it up. Students are more likely to strike up conversations and form new friendships when their desks are regularly rearranged. When the desks are rearranged, the atmosphere in the classroom immediately changes, and the students begin to feel more at ease. 

Decorate the Classroom with Pictures

Physics written from blocks

Students will learn more and be more engaged if there are visual aids for learning displayed throughout the classroom. These visual aids will serve as constant reminders of the day’s lessons as students circulate throughout the classroom.

Encourage Students to Collect Supplies

Inspiring students to do better in class

Make it easy for students to amass a supply of materials by assigning each one a cubby or closet in the classroom. The students should be allowed to get these things and return them to their desks. Students will find this activity humorous, and the mental exercise of trying to recall the necessary supplies will prove useful for later use in the course’s actual construction.   

Moving around is one of the best ways to absorb new information. If a student is able to get up and move around the classroom, they are better able to focus and get work done.

-Dr. Stacey Denise

Commercial Spaces Interior Art Consult | Color Design Consult | Houston | Ceyise Studios

Students who are involved in their education achieve greater academic success and are better prepared for life after high school. The five suggestions provided above can help you improve your classroom environment and maintain your students’ interest. 

Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.
Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.

Dr. Stacey Denise Moore is the visionary behind Ceyise Studios, serving as Chief Creative Officer, Principal Artist, and Chief Expert Color Designer. With a background in medicine, her life’s work is a harmonious blend of art and wellness, deeply influenced by a transformative personal experience. Her digital mixed-media art, rooted in color psychology, inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and express their emotions freely. At Ceyise Studios, Dr. Stacey Denise’s expertise in color consulting and fine art photography aims not just to beautify but to evoke a sense of well-being and self-confidence in others. She believes in the transformative power of art to communicate profound emotions and advocates for living a life designed with optimism and intention.

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