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5 Essential Things Every Interior Designer Needs to Know About Paintings

Things Every Interior Designer Should Know

Wall art and paintings can be used to create stunning focal points in your home, office, restaurant, or hospital. Interior designer should knows the essential things about Paintings because Paintings are what draw attention and set the tone for the environment, but many interior designers treat them as an afterthought.

They wait until the wall paint is dry and the furniture is in place before thinking about what art pieces will tie the room together and complete the look.

However, wall paintings should be given more prominence during the concept stage of design work because they can generate amazing themes and ideas to enhance the design of the space.

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Wall paintings have the ability to enhance or detract from the overall appearance of your interior design.

In this blog, we will go over 5 things every Interior Designer should Know about Paintings.


1. Improve Your Spatial Awareness

As an interior designer, you should be familiar with the dimensions of the space you’re working with. The size and placement of paintings in a room are determined by the size of the room. Large rooms allow for far more creative expression, whereas small rooms require minimal pieces to avoid giving them a “Christmas tree look.”

2. Select Wall Art Based on the Function of the Room

Keep in mind that the function of a room is an important aspect of interior design. Because many rooms serve multiple functions, look for paintings that can help you make the most of those spaces.

3. Use paintings to help you choose a color palette

Colorful palette for wall painting on wooden desk

One of the most difficult tasks for interior designers is deciding on a color palette for their space. It can be difficult to narrow down the possibilities that resonate with your vision. Using wall hangings is the best solution in these situations.

Look for versatile wall paintings that can serve as inspiration for your room’s color scheme. You can focus on different colors in the paintings to promote throughout the room when decorating your space.

4. Concentrate on Image Placement

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Before you hammer in the nails, always arrange the pictures on the wall. You can also arrange the pieces on the floor or table until you’re happy with the arrangement. To avoid future mishaps, carefully mark the hanging points on a wall.

When hanging the paintings, keep them at eye level to draw the most attention. When hanging wall art over furniture, it should never be wider than the width of the furniture.

5. Use Large-Scale Art to Create a Focal Point

From 5 Essential Things Every Interior Designer Needs to Know About Paintings, One of the fundamental rules of interior design is to include a focal point in each room. The focal piece should be one-of-a-kind, draw the viewer’s attention immediately, and provide a sense of what to expect.

Artwork that complements the bedroom's opulent aesthetic. Choose pieces that convey refinement and style, such as large-scale paintings, framed prints, or sculptural wall art.

Large-scale paintings, without a doubt, perfectly fit this description. They not only serve as a constant focal point, but they also create a distinct style statement for a specific location.

Keep the size of the room in mind when selecting a focal point. It is preferable to choose small pieces for narrow walls and large paintings for large walls.

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