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5 Classroom Layouts That Encourage Learning

5 Classroom Layouts That Encourage Learning



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Some classrooms do not effectively encourage learning because of poor design. Students may struggle to stay alert and engaged in suboptimal classrooms due to fatigue or illness.

To address this issue, researchers identified five classroom layouts and conditions for effective learning.

Crucial Conditions for Effective Learning

Classroom Layouts

Lighting – Good lighting is crucial for students. Poor lighting makes them tired and grumpy, hurting their performance.

Full-spectrum LED lights can help when there’s no natural light, preventing eye strain and maintaining focus.

Acoustics  The acoustics of a classroom dictate that a teacher’s voice be audible from every seat in the house.

To test the acoustics of the classroom, have a friend speak normally from the podium while you listen from the back of the room.

If you and your friend are having trouble hearing each other, try moving your desks closer to the front of the room or getting a small amplifier.

Furniture in a classroom

Furniture – High-quality pieces will outlast their cheap, flimsy counterparts. Furniture may seem like an expensive investment, but it pays off quite well in the long run.

Stable furniture requires less maintenance and will reduce student distractions caused by things like surface scratches and shaky chairs.

Seating arrangement in school

Seating – Students may get restless sitting in the same spot all day, every day during the school year.

Allowing them to switch seats or move closer to the front creates an open environment that encourages collaboration.

Leveraging flexibility, teachers can assign group projects to diverse students.

Wannarka and Ruhl’s 2008 study found optimal seating varies: semicircles and clusters suit collaboration, while rows favor individual work.

Temperature control

Temperature – People tend to want to go to sleep when the weather is particularly hot. Cold makes it difficult for them to concentrate.

Maintain a comfortable classroom climate by adjusting the thermostat to the changing seasons.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines recommend keeping classroom temperatures between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter and 73 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.

Teachers should reflect on how their classroom layouts affect student engagement and satisfaction to maintain positive classroom climates.

-Dr. Stacey Denise

As one Edutopia neuroscientist put it, “10 to 15 percent of the variance in academic outcomes is influenced by the environment.” You should be cognizant of your context and the responses of your students as you plan your lessons.

Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.
Stacey Denise Moore, M.D.

Dr. Stacey Denise Moore is the visionary behind Ceyise Studios, serving as Chief Creative Officer, Principal Artist, and Chief Expert Color Designer. With a background in medicine, her life’s work is a harmonious blend of art and wellness, deeply influenced by a transformative personal experience. Her digital mixed-media art, rooted in color psychology, inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and express their emotions freely. At Ceyise Studios, Dr. Stacey Denise’s expertise in color consulting and fine art photography aims not just to beautify but to evoke a sense of well-being and self-confidence in others. She believes in the transformative power of art to communicate profound emotions and advocates for living a life designed with optimism and intention.

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