Stacey Denise

Walking Into Paradise – ART PRINT

A wife constructed this stunning mausoleum in honor of her deceased husband, serving as an early model for the Taj Mahal. The sight of it moved me deeply because it illustrated the depth and intensity of love that can endure even after physical separation, such as death. It gave me a new avenue to explore love in my art. I wanted to capture a different perspective of the timeless, eternity of love, like a man walking into paradise of the afterlife, after death with the expectation that his beloved will follow.

Walking Into Paradise is a digital oil rework of one of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Like dawn bursts across the horizon each new day, bleeding colors into the sky, so will this near kaleidoscopic piece of art bleed color into your space.

Artwork ship in 2-3 weeks. If you’re interested in a size not available online, please reach out to me to discuss. I’m here to help! Click the link below.

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